Expanding Our Core Values: Introducing Social Impact!

At ProQuest Consulting, our core values have always been what we stand for, what we believe in and our non-negotiables. Shaping not only how we do business but how we ensure we attract the right team to measure up to our standards.

Beyond our business objectives, we recognise our role in society as individuals and as a community. We understand that the choices we make, both for ourselves and others, can make a real difference in the world. So it makes sense that we needed a new distinct core value to reflect this.

Introducing Social Impact! 

Our Core Values (ETHIC) + Social Impact = ETHICS

Our Commitment to Social Impact 

By introducing the “S” to our core values we hope to solidify our commitment to the four pillars that we believe embody our Social Impact. 

  1. Employee Wellbeing
    Our employees are our greatest assets and by investing in activities that support mental health, flexible work arrangements, and continuous professional development, we aim to create a supportive and thriving workplace where everyone can perform at their best.
ProQuest celebrates R U OK Day to promote mental health awareness and support
  1. Support for Social Causes
    We believe in giving back to our communities, making regular charitable contributions and partnering on campaigns to raise awareness for causes close to our hearts. Here are just some of the organisations that we have supported this year:
  1. Sustainable Practices 
    By switching to more sustainable practices we can promote more responsible resource management. By implementing energy-efficient technologies, recycling and reducing e-waste, and ensuring we encourage the use of environmentally friendly products - we can try to minimise our environmental footprint.
Ditching the traditional old-school trophies, we gave our 2023 ETHIC award winners unique eco-friendly terrariums.
  1. Fostering Equality and Diversity
    We’re a diverse bunch with close to 20 different nationalities across our team. We recognise and support our differences to drive innovation and are committed to equal pay and professional development for all.
Almost 20 different nationalities across the globe contribute to our diverse and inclusive team.

We strive to make a positive and lasting difference and will continue to refine the process. As one of the Best Workplaces in Technology in Australia, we’re always looking at how we can improve and build upon our contributions - adding Social Impact to our values is just the start.

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