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As a Leading Salesforce Consultant, our approach blends industry best practices and insights from our tech experts, ensuring that your Salesforce platform brings out the best in your business as a leader in your market- delivering enhanced value for your customers and competitive performance versus your competitors.

As a Leading Salesforce Consultant, ProQuest is ​trusted by Australia's leading companies and government organisations

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Our commitment at ProQuest Consulting goes beyond IT services – it's about mapping your pathway to success with Salesforce, and journeying with you to get there despite the disruptions along the way. A leading Salesforce consultant, we are the fastest partner in the market to deliver top-quality tailored Salesforce solutions.

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Unmatched Experience

  • Salesforce Summit Partner
  • 13 years of experience
  • 100% pure play Salesforce

Proven Agile Delivery Model

  • Get Increased Speed-to-Value
  • Full Transparency
  • ROI-driven

Highly-Trained Consultants

  • 130+ Certifications
  • #1 partner in Field Service
  • Experts in Sales Oprimisation and Customer Service solutions

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

  • 4.89/5 CSAT
  • 200+ projects surveyed
  • Long-term customer relationships
Expect the best experience.
Our core values drive everything that we do.


We are true professionals who strive to be the best that we can be for our clients and our fellow ProQuesters.


The sum is greater than its parts. It’s by leveraging each other’s strengths that we achieve great things.


Trust is crucial in building strong relationships, so we believe in authenticity and transparency.


Continuous improvement comes from being creative, modern, and bold.


Exceeding customer expectations and being proactive to turn customers to loyal partners.
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Become part of the group of leaders who dared to embrace change, worked with ProQuest, and embarked on the journey to success as Salesforce trailblazers.
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With ProQuest, you not only have a trusted solutions provider, but a true partner in growth and success, whether as a client, or as an internal employee.


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