JB Hi-Fi Installations

+43% increase in installation sales: The best ever Black Friday for JB Hi-Fi with ProQuest & Salesforce Field Service

Did this Black Friday set your credit card on fire? 🔥 If you bought one of these awesome big TVs at JB Hi-Fi a couple of weeks ago, we hope you also booked their next-day installation service and got to experience the smooth and safe setup of your new screen at your house, because that’s all powered by Salesforce!

In the retail universe, Black Friday is more than a big deal – it’s the ultimate test of mettle. During that week, installation bookings skyrocket to a staggering five times their weekly average. Overwhelming? Maybe for some, but JB Hi-Fi Installations turned this scary challenge into a record-breaking success, with the help from our team at ProQuest Consulting and their supercharged Salesforce Field Service platform.

This is the kind of situation that tests whether a company’s tech stack can scale and support a huge increase in productivity, or if it can’t and puts the business through absolute chaos.


Electronics, Consumer Goods, Field Service Installations


Melbourne, VIC




ProQuest’s Salesforce Field Service Solution:

Scheduling automation and advanced optimisation to ensure minimal lead time

Self-service capability via Appointment Assistant to drastically reduce manual tasks and admin work, freeing up time for what matters.

Fluid flow of communication between dispatchers, technicians and customers to maximise efficiencies.

Instant reporting and dashboards to deliver vital insights to decision-makers.

Stuart Walker and the team at JB Hi-Fi Installations have been preparing for this critical Black Friday week for months, both with extensive team training and fine-tuning their Salesforce Field Service platform with ProQuest. Their record-breaking results were about SCALE: remaining able to install these TVs within a few days from purchase despite the huge increase in volume, and ensuring the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.