NEOS Group

Shakes up the Insurance Industry with Salesforce FSC and ProQuest Consulting

In the insurance industry dominated by long-standing giants, NEOS emerges as a game changer, proving that with great ideas, the right strategy, and the right tools, a fast-growing new player can make its mark where change is often met with resistance.

Powered with Salesforce, they have transformed the life insurance customer experience, making it faster, more accessible and significantly more efficient for their customers. Today, NEOS stands as a trailblazer, winning numerous awards, large-scale contracts and establishing their name as a leader in their industry.

The Challenge:

NEOS believed that there has to be a better way of doing insurance, which has fuelled their passion to invent an easier and faster experience for Australians. How could they equip themselves to deliver on such an ambitious promise? The stakes were high, and failure was not an option. NEOS had to stand on giant’s shoulders to compete with the industry leaders.

In 2023, NEOS won an RFP with Medibank and AHM, making them their life insurance provider and get access to their 3.7 million customers!


Financial Services, Life Insurance


Sydney, NSW



The Solution

When it comes to the secured end-to-end customer engagement management, NEOS picked the best-in-class platform with Salesforce Financial Service Cloud, and their dedicated partner, ProQuest Consulting to tailor fit the integrated solution.

Single Source of Truth

Critical customer details and interactions are captured in Salesforce, while all financial data are stored in a separate platform to ensure security, compliance, and risk management. The integration allows NEOS to make it their unified comprehensive view, providing insights to adapt swiftly to the customers’ needs and requirements.

Seamless Sales Operations:

Drive a smoother operational sales process to help different reps provide a personalised experience for customers across various platforms and reduce manual activities to ensure compliance with SLAs.

Reusable form:

Deliver a dynamic, customisable online form powered by OmniStudio used across various AHM & Medibank portals for reusable components and automated record creation.

Best-in-class customer experience:

Elevating customers’ digital experience, giving them control through self-service request scheduling and ensuring updated details across the engagement.

Telephony Integration:

Customers can contact the Interactive Voice Response system for general inquiries, updates, claims, and policy terminations. With Amazon Connect, all interactions can be stored in Amazon but tracked in Salesforce for accurate analysis and insights.

Fortified Security:

robust encryption safeguards against security vulnerabilities, enhancing customer data protection.

NEOS is now disrupting further the financial services industry by engaging and supporting over millions of Medibank & AHM’s customers, with the help of ProQuest Consulting and Salesforce. Over the span of 2 months, we were able to provide them a solid head start with a best-in-class scalable solution, and extensive training to drive internal adoption, increasing the realised value for their business. We are eagerly looking forward to supporting NEOS further on their journey and helping them innovate more.


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