Henry Schein

From 2 to 1: Streamlining Efficiency and Expertise
Salesforce Field Service Powers Henry Schein’s Lean Repair Operations

With over 90 years in the industry, Henry Schein has established itself as a big player in the medical scene, catering to dental laboratories, clinics, and alternate care sites. Their extensive market share of over 60% in AU attests to their commitment to delivering integrated healthcare products and services.


Henry Schein is working on incorporating its two business units, Hayes and HPHL, into a single brand. 

  • Hayes helps healthcare organisations make informed decisions by evaluating the efficacy, safety, and cost-effectiveness of medical technologies and treatments.
  • Handpiece Hotline (HPHL) specialises in the repair and maintenance of dental handpieces. They offer comprehensive programs across services, parts, and on-field support to ensure that dental practices can operate smoothly without disruptions due to equipment failure.

By combining both into a single unit, Henry Schein wants to leverage their strengths to provide a more comprehensive service to address both clinical and operational needs. The transition is expected to enable innovation and improve service delivery, therefore improving effectiveness, convenience, and customer satisfaction. 

The challenge lies in ensuring that all needs of both units are still met by the platform, with minimum customisation and following Salesforce’s best practices to ensure a scalable system. 


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The Delivered Solution

With ProQuest Consulting’s Health Check & Strategic Roadmap, Henry Schein was given a thorough technical audit for their current flow to understand the gaps in their setup. 

With a deep understanding of the needs of critical business roles, ProQuest delivers a comprehensive implementation of Salesforce Field Service to enhance their current Salesforce platform and reap greater value from their system, establishing greater trust and credibility with their customers with less effort:

Intelligent System Automations:

Minimise keystrokes for administrators, technicians, and customers, enabling more time for valuable and more urgent work.

Revamped Transaction and Inventory Management Systems:

Provide accurate and reliable data with stock, releases, and back orders across the end-to-end process, minimising misalignment and errors due to duplicate entries.

Enhanced Touchpoint Visibility:

KPI Monitoring: implement role-based visibility across transactions, project statuses, and reports, facilitating a smoother and more transparent process.

Integration with Pronto and Customer Portal:

Ensure complete visibility and ability to interact with customer information, reports, job quotes, and history.

Quoting and Loans Processing:

Seamlessly integrate data throughout the backend system while granting visibility to customers of status and notifications and enabling self-service features for job and pick-up requests scheduling.

 Today, Henry Schein has achieved a remarkable transformation across their entire end-to-end repair process, elevating customer experience and strengthening their credibility in the industry. 


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