Festive Celebration: 2023 Round Up- ProQuest Style!

This year, we gathered our talented team members from across the country in Sydney for our annual Festive Celebration in Christmas. It was a delightful mix of camaraderie, festive cheer, and a collective nod to the remarkable successes we’ve all achieved together this year. Not only a chance to bring the whole team together but also a recognition of the hard work, dedication, and innovative spirit that each member brings to the table.

Festive Celebration 2023: ProQuest ETHIC Awards

We kicked off our festive celebration with our annual ETHIC Awards, where we presented our team members with an award based on who best embodies the company’s core values – as voted by the team. These awards serve to honour our team members for consistently upholding Excellence, Teamwork, Honesty, Innovation, and Customer Centricity– the pillars of our company culture.

Ditching the traditional old-school trophies, we championed our green initiative by supplying our winners with unique eco-friendly terrariums, symbolising our commitment to a more sustainable culture within our company.

And here are our winners for 2023:

  • E- Excellence: Aiden
  • T- Teamwork: Matthew
  • H- Honesty: Karine
  • I- Innovation: Prys
  • C- Customer Centric: Ayesha

These awards aim to inspire each of us to always exceed expectations in every aspect of our work and uphold our company values in our interactions with clients and colleagues alike. We celebrated the spirit that makes ProQuest one of the most trusted Salesforce Implementation Partners in Australia.


Festive Celebration 2023: The Legend of the Elves


Next we concluded ProQuest’s very own twist on Secret Santa, a week long game of “The Legend of the Elves”, where each team member is secretly assigned a goblin and becomes their Elf. Each Elf must make their goblin feel special through a mix of little surprises and thoughtful acts of kindness, but their goblin should never find out who their elf is!

The goal is to get to know each other a little better and for everyone to get their best week of the year at work. Who doesn’t like to be secretly spoiled? Everyone’s creativity shone through with how they made their goblin feel special and it was a great time for fostering team spirit and injecting a sense of playful intrigue into our workplace. From secret deliveries to personalised notes and cleverly disguised treats, the variety of surprises was a testament to our team’s individuality and thoughtfulness.

Festive Celebration 2023: Barefoot Bowling in the Greens


To finish off the festivities, we all headed to The Greens for a few rounds of barefoot bowls. It was a refreshing change from the usual office setting, offering a unique opportunity for our team to interact in a more relaxed and natural environment. Whether it was the seasoned players showing off their skills or the beginners getting the hang of it, everyone got into the competitive spirit. We left with fond memories and a renewed sense of connection and teamwork, ready to tackle the challenges of the coming year with the same enthusiasm and collaboration.


This year’s festive celebration was a perfect opportunity to reflect on our successes, recognise individual contributions, and reinforce our dedication to excellence and continuous growth. The shared laughter, gift exchanges, and friendly competitions during our event highlighted how our team transcends mere workplace associations, forming a tight-knit community bonded by common goals and values.

Interested to be a part of our team? See it for yourself! Join us and get a glimpse of the unique culture that is ProQuest Consulting. Our focus extends beyond delivering top-notch Salesforce solutions; we’re dedicated to building a community where innovation, growth, and fun are celebrated and valued.

Dive into the ProQuest experience and shape your future with us – where every day is an opportunity to make an impact!


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