Celebrating R U OK 2023: I am here to hear.

When was the last time you were asked if you were okay, and answered an honest no?

On the 14th of September, we took part in observing "R U OK Day," a day dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and fostering meaningful conversations.


This initiative reminds us of the essential value of compassion, both in our professional endeavours and personal lives. At ProQuest Consulting, we believe that this mindset shouldn’t stay confined to a solitary day each year; but should be ingrained in our culture.

We acknowledge that life poses distinct challenges for each of us, and it's entirely acceptable not to be at our very best every day. In alignment with the 2023 theme, "I am here to hear," ProQuest is active in nurturing a culture of authentic care and mutual support. We are reminded that every member of our team is encouraged to reach out for help or simply engage in conversation during difficult times. 

Our R U OK? Day took the form of a simple gathering, some light office banter, and plans for the weekend. It was an opportunity to connect and reaffirm that sometimes all it takes is a listening ear to alleviate stress and gain a fresh perspective from a supportive team.

R U OK? You are never alone in ProQuest, and support is just a message away!

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