Einstein 1 Field Service Edition: Salesforce Launches Field Service + Data Cloud + AI

Why settle for good when you can achieve greatness in your field operations, thanks to AI?  Salesforce just recently announced Einstein 1 Field Service Edition, making customer service and field ops smarter, quicker and more in tune with what customers actually need.

ProQuest Consulting has been in the field service game for 13 years, working with large-scale field service organisations like JB Hi-Fi, BOC Australia, The Grout Guy, and Henry Schein. Over the last few months, all our customers have been asking questions about AI, and how it can help their businesses. Actually, 45% of service organisations are already using AI. It’s in the top of mind for all decision makers. Once again, Salesforce wants to bring an answer and they shape it in the form of Einstein 1 Field Service.

 What’s in Einstein 1 Field Service Edition?:

  1. Data Cloud: Offers a unified view of customer data, enabling personalised service delivery and informed decision-making.
  2. Appointment Assistant: Enhances scheduling efficiency and customer communication, ensuring timely service and reducing no-shows.
  3. Slack Integration: Facilitates seamless communication within teams and with customers, promoting collaboration and swift resolution of service requests.
  4. Visual Remote Assistant: Allows technicians to offer real-time assistance remotely, reducing the need for on-site visits and enhancing service resolution times.
  5. Einstein Copilot for Mobile Workers: Empowers field workers with AI-driven insights and recommendations, optimising their performance and service quality.

Why Einstein 1 Field Service is a Big Deal:

Here are just some of the benefits that they can get by doing so:

✅ Empower technicians to increase their first-time-fix rates and deliver better customer service thanks to real-time access to unified data across multiple sources (CRM, knowledgebases, appointment history, asset management history, customer satisfaction surveys, etc.) and smooth collaboration with other experts from your company.

✅ Help technicians automate tasks while on-site with Einstein Copilot Beta: a conversational generative AI assistant to get information, summarise jobs, produce service reports, etc.

✅ Fix issues from the contact centre with video conversation to avoid sending technicians onsite when not necessary.

✅ Deliver best-in-class customer experience with technician tracking on their way to the customer.

“Unlike office workers, field technicians have long been on their own to address projects and resolve issues without real-time views of things like asset condition, maintenance, and repair history. Now, with Einstein 1 Field Service Edition, technicians have access to trusted technologies like AI and automation together with their enterprise data from the field to get jobs done right the first time, driving both productivity and revenue,”

Taksina Eammano, EVP & General Manager of Field Service

How Much Does Einstein 1 Field Service Cost?

Einstein 1 Field Service Edition bundles SFS with add-ons and AI + data + trust to take your field service capability to the next level. It’s not cheap though! The official list price displayed on the Salesforce website is at USD $600/user per month (a whopping $920 AUD, thank you Forex!).

Don't let the future of field service pass you by. With AI at your fingertips, it's time to elevate your service, impress your customers, and outshine your competition. Connect with ProQuest Consulting today, and let's unlock the full potential of your field operations together.

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