A Game Changing Salesforce Field Service Solution for the Grout Guy!

Who are the Grout Guys?

Surely you’ve seen The Grout Guy ad on TV. Their business is focused on a very specific niche market: grouting! And they do that better than anyone else. Their founder, Brad Young, has an army of 60 grouters across Australia, and he’s aiming to get to 200 vans over the coming months.

What was ProQuest’s Field Service Solution that changed TGG’s productivity drastically?

An awesome collaboration with Brad and his team allowed us to design and deliver a game-changer Salesforce Sales and Field Service solution covering the following :

  • automation of the SMS-based lead process management
  • intuitive online interface for customers to send photos and required details
  • streamlined quoting tool for the office and
  • quoting in the field on the SFS mobile app
  • smart scheduling and optimised job dispatch
  • integrated credit card payments in the field

Result-driven Outstanding Outcome for The Grout Guy

The efficiencies delivered by the automations completely blew Brad’s mind. The Grout Guy achieved a 180-degree turnaround: speaking at Salesforce events, buying more licences, and new products like Appointment Assistant.

  • Within 5 weeks, from 420 to 930 field visits per week: +120% productivity gain
  • Within 12 weeks, now reaching 1,020 visits per week: +145% increase
  • Time-to-quote: 300 phone assessments processed per week dropped from 2-3 days to 30-40 min per week: 97% time reduction!

Brad is now a speaker at Salesforce events

Watch Brad Young, Chief Grout Officer, explains how our Salesforce solution has uplifted his Business Growth during the Salesforce Industries Summit in Sydney in July 2022.

Do you know a Salesforce customer in need of a Salesforce Field Service Solution? We are here to help!

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