Salesforce Einstein: Make Every Selling Moment Count

Do you have too many leads and not enough time to manage them? Are you not sure why you’re losing deals to delays? Sales reps, we’re sure you recognise some of these pain points. Let’s take a look at what Sales Cloud Einstein has to offer to help you overcome these challenges.

1. Salesforce Einstein Activity Capture

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With more and more customers preferring to communicate via email, sales reps tend to spend an awful lot of time reading and answering emails. Einstein Activity Capture helps you save time by automatically syncing the customer communications to Salesforce through a connection with Gmail or Office 365. Einstein Activity Capture collects emails and events and associates it with the right records in Salesforce, including Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Person Accounts, and Opportunities.

2. Salesforce Einstein Automated Contacts

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Spend less time on data entry and let Einstein Automated Contacts find new contacts and opportunity contact roles to add to Salesforce. They can be added automatically or Einstein can suggest the new data, based on email and event activity.

3. Salesforce Einstein Lead Scoring

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When a sales rep gets a lead, they have to prioritise it against their other leads. Moreover, they have to filter out the unproductive leads efficiently. This can be a huge challenge. Einstein Lead Scoring uses artificial intelligence to automatically analyze historical sales and discover the top factors that determine whether a lead is likely to convert to an opportunity. In this way a sales rep can convert more leads, faster.

4. Salesforce Einstein Opportunity Scoring

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With the help of machine learning, Einstein Opportunity Scoring looks at the history of sales transactions, meetings and email interactions in order to determine a rating for a given opportunity. When Einstein has given a score, a sales rep can then easily prioritise opportunities and start working.

5. Einstein Opportunity & Account Insights

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Einstein Opportunity Insights uses your historical Sales Cloud data to uncover patterns in your sales cycles and engagement with customers. It has the ability to recognise when deals are on going well or if they’re at risk, and what you can do turn them around.  This feature also helps you identify important issues right away to ensure your sales reps can maximise their selling time.

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