Field Service Lightning: How to Resolve Update Status Failed Error

In one of the organisations of Salesforce Field Service Lightning, technicians were unable to change the status from the “Change Status” action. Whenever a new status button was pressed within the “Change Status” screen, the error message “Status Update Failed” was displayed:

It was difficult to identify the root cause of this error since technicians were able to complete the status update by directly editing the Service record. There was not enough information available in the “Debug log” to determine why this was occurring.

After trying a few different solutions, we observed that the technician profile doesn’t have any rights on “Resource Field” in Field Service Lightning.

Once the read access was provided on the field, technicians were able to change the status from the “Change Status” action.

Even though it is a small configuration, it can take hours to troubleshoot. We hope this post will save you some time if you are receiving the same error.

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