International Women’s Day 2022: Incredible Women in ProQuest

It was International Women’s Day earlier this week and the theme this year was #BreaktheBias. We’re a truly inclusive workplace here at ProQuest and are very proud of all the PQ women who every day #BreaktheBias and smash work and life goals. 

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Of course we celebrate our women every day here at PQ but for International Women’s Day and asked our superstar team of women here at PQ to give extra special kudos to each other.

Here are some of the wonderful things our ladies had to say about each other:

I love working with you Asha, I like how honest you are and the way you bring excellence and quality to the projects you are leading. I could not dream of a better teammate.

Claire is a ray of sunshine even on the cloudiest days! She is extremely on top of things, innovative, creative, and is always fun to work with. She is the best Digital Marketing Specialist we could have ever asked for <3

Corina is the epitome of grace and carries herself with awe-inspiring confidence. She embodies a long list of wonderful qualities – creative, humorous, thoughtful, kind and adventurous to highlight a few. I’m so thankful that Corina is in our circle of remarkable women!

Duy is a superwoman both at home and at work. She is talented, reliable, hardworking, and plays a key role in making all the projects she is working on successful. We’re so lucky to have her on the team!

Happy International Women’s Day! Thank you for always being a girl boss and leading the team with style. You’re always on top of everything even when under so much pressure. Go Emma!

Eva is one of the most talented women I know! Not only is she incredibly smart, but has an amazing energy that makes her capable of making any room laugh! 

Happy International Women’s Day Imalka! I’ve known you for 10 years now. Among all the skills you have, I always adored your ability to be calm in high stress situations. It’s not easy to be a full time mom and manage work so easily. I’m also lucky to call you my long life friend 🙂

A ball of energy, Karine came into PQ mid-way through the lockdown in August 2021. She was an absolute trooper doing virtual onboarding and has been smashing it as our project coordinator ever since!

Neelam brings a wonderful cheerful energy into every room (or zoom!) she walks into. She’s a delight to work with and cares so much about the projects she’s working on and the people she’s working with. I count myself lucky to have her in the group of amazing women I work with!

Laura is a very admirable person! I’m very lucky to get to work beside such a passionate and talented woman! 

Pryscilla is an absolute superstar! Thank you so much for always being available to teach and guide me when I need a helping hand – I really appreciate it!

And for the ladies who managed to make it into the office (braving the epic Sydney rain!) we went out for a yummy long lunch at The Grounds in the City (definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been!) Again, Happy International Women's Day, Ladies!

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