AI for Contact Centre Excellence: Bottlenecks to Breakthroughs

Customer satisfaction is a critical driver of business success. In a recent study done by Salesforce, 48% of customers have switched brands for better customer service, and 94% say good customer service makes them more likely to make another purchase. Today's customers expect quick, efficient, and personalised service. Businesses’ answer to this: A strong and effective contact centre team.

Many of our customers at ProQuest Consulting have contact centres across various time zones, locations, and languages to fulfil this ever-growing demand. The top 4 challenges they have faced, which were preventing them from delivering the customer experience they were all thriving for, are:

  1. Limited Access to Customer Insights: compiling and analysing customer data from various interaction points (such as voice, messaging, and web) and different systems to derive actionable insights becomes complicated and inefficient when data are isolated.
  2. Response Time and Queue Management: High volumes of inquiries can lead to long wait times, frustrating customers and putting pressure on agents. Often, many of these inquiries share a similar nature, yet without key insights or easy access to relevant information, resolving each issue becomes more time-consuming than necessary.
  3. Inconsistent Customer Experience: Offshore contact centres often grapple with language barriers and cultural differences, which hinder effective communication. Ensuring uniform customer experience across various agents and locales poses a challenge, potentially impacting brand perception.
  4. High Training Costs and Turnover Rates: Contact centres often experience high employee turnover, leading to recurring costs and tedious efforts in training new agents.

Salesforce’s Solution for Next-Level Contact Centres:

How much further can my contact centre operations be enhanced with Artificial Intelligence? 

That’s a very common question in 2024 among Customer Service Managers.

Here are 4 ways AI can help contact centres deliver better customer experience. With the release of new features in Service Cloud, Salesforce can equip agents and managers with expanded capabilities in content generation, automation, and decision-making through the power of AI. Utilising the Einstein AI Platform, a broader range of businesses can now tap into these advancements, significantly enriching customer experiences and opening new avenues for revenue generation:

  • Conversation Mining: Service leaders can now leverage AI to analyse and collate conversation data across multiple records and platforms for critical business insights. Whether customers reach out from voice, messaging, or other third-party apps, automatically turn these repeated engagements into knowledgebase articles or use the data to train bots to handle similar future scenarios.
  • Gen-AI Summarisations: Identify trends from business data, empower proactivity in customer engagements, implement tailored strategies to address root issues, foster loyalty, and resolve business problems in less time per customer.
  • AI-Powered Knowledge: Say goodbye to spending hours and hours on finding the best answer to resolve customer challenges. AI scans various user-defined channels and sources, making collaboration easy and providing help to customers quickly and accurately.

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