5 Things You Should Know About ProQuest Right Now!

1. ProQuest Consulting is officially certified as a Great Place to Work in 2022!


Since 2007, ProQuest has been empowering companies to achieve higher performance through digital transformations. During this tenure, ProQuest has delivered more than 300 Salesforce solutions across a wide range of companies and industries, within common this passion for quality and customer success. As an outcome, we have now a large number of customers who have been able to realise the full value of Salesforce and reach their most ambitious goals.

How did we do it? It comes down to our people. ProQuest consultants share the same core values of Excellence, Teamwork, Honesty, Innovation and Customer Centricity. They are obsessed by process improvement and automation. Their focus is to leverage the Salesforce capability to improve the life of the business users: simplify their work, make them more efficient, more driven and more successful.

This year has been a special one for the ProQuest Team: ProQuest Consulting has been certified as a Great Place to Work in 2022! 🎉

We couldn't be prouder of this distinction. Making ProQuest one of the best places to work in Australia has been top of mind for the leadership team for the past few years. Our team has brought this dream to life and for that we are forever thankful!

Let’s see what GPTW survey says about ProQuest:
We have picked out a few survey responses that reflect on some of the focus areas such as work-life balance, camaraderie, leadership, customer and our employee’s sense of pride.


2. We are proud of the diversity and varied backgrounds of our employees


Coming from 22 different countries, the ProQuest team members come with different backgrounds, different cultures and different personalities. They have in common their values, their impressive talent, their passion for what they do, their will to help each other, and an instinctive desire for continuous learning and improvement.

Here are some of their feedback about ProQuest:

  • "I truly believe it’s a people-first organisation through value and recognition it puts in people."
  • “The company strives for continuous improvement with an agile, honest and transparent workforce. It lives by its core values and cares about its employees."
  • “I have very supportive managers, both in terms of mental well-being and in supporting growth"
  • “The company has a solid culture of teamwork, with an exceptional group of talented people who are always keen to help and support each other."
  • “I was provided with structured career development through a comprehensive career matrix and a 30-60-90 day plan. They help us to master different skills through projects, formal certifications, and training."

3. What our long term members say about ProQuest


"After 6 years at ProQuest, I can truly say that the people are PQ's true asset. People will always be willing to help and support you even in the busiest times and they will also ensure you are provided constructive feedback no matter your seniority. We really live by our teamwork core values.

With the opportunity to work from anywhere, we managed to get some great talents at ProQuest.

The working flexibility has allowed us to start our own family and made juggling career and parenthood much easier.

We are lucky to have a fairly flat hierarchy where managers are very approachable and always happy to hear feedback and suggestions but also take action on those."

- Laura Plotton
Lead Functional Consultant
ProQuest Consulting

4. Ever growing talent at ProQuest

We have onboarded a fresh lot of talents this year in PQ. Get to know some of them below: 


Olivia loves yoga, skiing and exploring national parks and when possible she also travels to new places. She gets very excited about cooking new recipes and loves being part of a very large family that always keeps her smiling


Pasan's passion kickstarted when he started creating simple computer games using FoxPro, which lead to becoming a Salesforce Guru! As hobbies - He likes traveling, hiking, cycling, gardening, yoga and meditation. He also likes to help the community by volunteering.


Caitlin enjoys having an active lifestyle that includes running, hiking, camping and gardening. In her spare time, she volunteers with her local LandCare group and Community Garden and enjoys being with her friends, family and their dogs.


On the personal side, Sushant is an avid traveller and a huge foodie. Currently sitting in 15 countries, he aims to achieve his goal of taking that number to 20 in the next 2 years. In his free time, you will most likely find him in the outdoors enjoying a bit of social sport, trying a new restaurant/cafe/bar or planning his next food adventure.


Sayem has a 4-year-old Husky, his best friend Julius, and he enjoys discovering new lookouts and scenic views with him. Sayem, also known as DJ Sayem, used to be a resident DJ for Constellation Cruises in the past and has a few funky music videos on YouTube (Channel - Stash Motions) which he produced, edited and executed all by himself. He also enjoys playing community cricket on the weekends with his fellow mates and is also a massive MMA/UFC enthusiast.

ProQuest is thrilled to have these new rock stars on board!

5. What’s Next?

ProQuest has now the ambitious goal to be officially recognised as one of the Top 10 Australia’s Best Places to work

We believe that our business is the best because of the amazing people who work here, and this achievement would be a measure of their contribution.

Great Place to Work will announce in August 2023 the Best Workplaces in 2022 report. Stay tuned and we will update you on the results!

Thank you!

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