Salesforce Mobile Home: Empower Your Sales Team to Work Efficiently on the Move

Is your Sales team using Salesforce Mobile Home? Great! You’ve taken the first step towards empowering your reps: providing all the data they need in the palm of their hand. 

For the last decade ProQuest has been helping Sales leaders increase the performance of their team using Sales Cloud solutions and we’ve noticed that the main obstacle to take a CRM from a basic database to a powerful and intelligent sales tool is user adoption. Sales reps work in a fast paced, fluid environment, constantly darting between appointments, juggling client calls, all while trying to make note of the engagements they have on any given day. They don’t have time to be navigating through Salesforce records for the contact they spoke to, or typing customer names on the small mobile keyboard before their next meeting. They need relevant data, and they need it now. Here’s where Mobile Home comes in!


We believe Mobile Home can have a huge impact on the productivity of your Sales reps. Why? Salesforce Mobile blasts open the barrier between Sales reps and their data whilst on the move, and the addition of Mobile Home provides an extra speed boost to view relevant records. 

We anticipate the time saved could be the difference between 5 or 6 sales calls a day, or 260 additional sales opportunities a year. For such a simple tool to enable and roll-out, that’s a lot of extra business!

How does Mobile Home work?

Mobile Home is an out of the box Salesforce landing page that your users can access through their Salesforce mobile app (generally available on both iOS and Android devices from the Winter 22 release). Aiming to display only relevant information, the Mobile Home page can be set as the user’s default home screen to play host to a number of “cards” holding key information. 

These “cards” include:

  • Recently Viewed records
  • Favourites
  • Upcoming Tasks
  • My Calendar
  • Salesforce Events
  • Pinned Reports

Mobile Home is a standard Salesforce mobile Navigation Item. This is great news for administrators as the only customisation required is the addition of the Mobile Home item to your existing Lightning Apps. Once enabled, your users can instantly take advantage of this awesome new feature.

Customisation is then in the hands of the user, who is able to quickly and easily add or remove “cards” from their layout.

Watch this handy video to see how it all works.

If you’re unsure on how to make the most of this feature just reach out to the ProQuest team at and we’ll be happy to help you out! 

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