AI + Field Service: Highlights of Sydney Salesforce Field Service User Group September Meetup

In the ever-evolving landscape of field service management, keeping with the trends and staying ahead of the curve is essential. On September 5th, ProQuest Consulting had the privilege of sponsoring the first-ever in-person Salesforce Field Service (FS) Group Meetup in Sydney: 3 hours filled with enlightening discussions, inspiring success stories, and a glimpse into the future of field service management.

What’s Next for Field Service Management?

The highlight of the evening was the unveiling of Salesforce Field Service Release Updates. By leveraging the power of AI, field service management and operations are expected to bring unprecedented agility and efficiency, further lowering service costs and generating more insights across industries like healthcare, the public sector, and manufacturing.

The newest Salesforce Field Service innovations make use of the full power of Service Cloud and AI, including real-time data and automation to help organisations streamline field operations while improving customer experiences.

Here are some of its exciting new features:

  1. Mobile Work Briefings: intelligently surface and summarize the most relevant data to kickstart onsite jobs. Technicians can now access vital information effortlessly, making on-site tasks more streamlined and efficient.
  2. On-Site Knowledge Search: Einstein GPT is augmenting self-service capabilities by ensuring technicians can access answers at lightning speed on-site. No more delays in finding critical information, translating to quicker resolutions and happier customers.
  3. Post Work Summarisation: automatically summarises reports, simplifying the process and saving valuable time and effort that can be redirected towards more productive endeavours.

Salesforce also announced the following new FS products:

  • Home Health: enable dispatch professionals to manage in-home treatment scheduling more efficiently. Provide more background to care professionals on patients’ 360 data on tasks, assessments, medications, and preferences in a single platform to deliver an elevated level of health-related field operations for patients.
  • FS for Public Sector: allow government workers to more effectively manage and support public projects with increased knowledge, consistency and speed powered by real-time data, automation, and AI.

It was also fortunate to have SP Screens’ CEO, Sarah Lamb, share her journey with Salesforce and how it enabled her company to expand from having 5 branches to 13 in the last two years. From doing everything manually, the CRM helped automate their workflows to support these new franchises without adding headcount to their current business team.

Through Salesforce FS, they also increased their customer service team’s efficiency by 45% with improved appointment scheduling for consultations and installations. The system assists in automatically assigning schedules to the right resource based on skill, time, and location in the click of a button. Critical information is also provided onsite to the technicians through the Field Service Mobile app so no time is wasted on chasing information. Read more about SP Screens’ success story here.

At ProQuest Consulting, we are committed to remaining at the forefront of innovation in field service management. As we look towards the future, we are excited to empower more businesses to work smarter, respond faster, and achieve more with Salesforce Field Service.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore new horizons in the world of field service management.


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