Sydney Salesforce Dev Group Meetup: Salesforce Continuous Integration

As passionate Scrum enthusiasts, it’s in our DNA to deliver high business value as fast as possible. Agile software delivery empowers our team to deploy changes on a daily basis, and they are always searching for powerful new tools. This is how we crossed paths with AutoRabit, as they offer a quality cloud product to achieve Continuous Integration with Salesforce. ProQuest and AutoRabit joined forces yesterday to speak at the Salesforce Sydney Developers Group Meetup and talk about this combined success story.

57 registered participants for this meetup. It speaks volumes about how the Salesforce Developer community is interested in hearing about ways to manage faster and safer deployments, especially as projects get more and more complex and customer expectations continue to rise.  

Dev Meetup: A bit of history


I first met the AutoRabit folks at Dreamforce 2015. Their stand caught my eye as they put up a sign that had “Deployment” with a strike through it. 6 months later, we officially used AutoRabit on one of our most strategic projects, first to manage deployments between environments instead of Salesforce changesets. About a year later, we were using GitHub as a source control repository and executed commits and deployments through AutoRabit. At the beginning of 2017, we’ve officially incorporated AutoRabit and GitHub in our standard development methodology.


AutoRabit value in numbers

Using AutoRabit across various Salesforce implementation projects has helped us measure the benefits realised during each production deployment. Results were obvious: we reduced the effort required throughout every step of the process, as well as significantly increasing the quality of our deployments. See the table below to view the results in numbers:


More bang for their buck

Drastically reducing the time spent by our consultants on tedious deployment tasks essentially meant higher business value delivered to our customers. The hours saved by not doing deployment work were used to deliver new, exciting features or more refined functionality to our customers.

Employee satisfaction through the roof

Even though our Consultants are passionate about Salesforce, it doesn’t mean they get a kick out of creating changesets. And when you do proper Scrum, with deployments on a daily basis, it means a lot of deployments. Not having to create any changesets, being able to deploy in a few clicks, and having the satisfaction of no-defect smoke testing meant the world to the team. It freed up a massive amount of time to allow them to do what they do best: building outstanding Salesforce solutions for our clients.

Telling the story to the Sydney Salesforce Dev Group Meetup

I can’t thank enough Chad Shafaghi, our Professional Services Manager, and Imalka Fernando, our Lead Technical Architect, for having brought this initial meetup idea to life. I felt really proud presenting this story to the members of the Sydney Salesforce Developers Group yesterday, along with Hitesh and Abhinav from AutoRabit who did a fantastic presentation of their product.


If you want to know more about how we deliver Salesforce agile projects or would like to attend any of our events and meetups at ProQuest, don’t hesitate to send us your questions. We’d be more than happy to share our expertise.

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