ProQuest Awards 2021: Celebrating and Rewarding Excellence

The 2021 ProQuest Awards took place at the office as part of our annual Christmas festivities. We’re incredibly lucky at ProQuest to have such an amazingly talented team. Each year to celebrate everyone’s achievements we host the ProQuest ETHIC awards. These awards recognise our employees and the amazing efforts that they put in via our 5 key values; excellence, teamwork, honesty, innovation and customer centric. 

  • Excellence – Strive to be the best you can be. Execute as a true professional. 
  • Teamwork – Collaborate towards success. Nurture friendship and fun
  • Honesty – Be authentic and transparent. Build trust and strong relationships
  • Innovation – Be creative, modern and bold 
  • Customer Centric – Exceed expectations. Turn customers into raving fans

Hosted by our wonderful Employee Experience Specialist Georgia, she announced each well deserved winner and why their fellow team members had chosen them to win an award! They all received a trophy along with a $100 voucher of their choice (yay!) 

Check out the ProQuest Awards winners and why they won below.

Imalka, Lead Consultant
ProQuest Award: Excellence

  • “The living proof of excellence. In a matter of days I recognised how bright, organised and willing she is to help others, to teach others and to deliver great things with the best attitude. In every interaction she leave’s the team inspired with their vast knowledge and relevant inputs. I have huge respect for their work quality and work ethic. Go Imalka!”
  • “They have in-depth knowledge in the platform and they are doing every task beyond excellent!”

Santosh, Head of Consulting and Technology
ProQuest Award: Teamwork 

  • “Great support and collaboration within the team”
  • “For always going up and beyond in helping the team even when he’s so smashed with multiple projects.”

Georgia, Employee Experience Specialist
ProQuest Award: Honesty

  • “One of the most genuine, caring and honest people at PQ! They are not only a great HR specialist but they connect with others based on their experiences and knowledge whilst being strong in their beliefs and staying true to themselves. They’re so generous with us and always willing to hear us voice out our ideas and concerns.”

Kengo, Lead Consultant
ProQuest Award: Innovation

  • “Very impressed with your OneQuest on the work that has been done with Salesforce Maps.”
  • “Constantly striving and looking to push the boundaries about what we can deliver to clients and also internally.”

Neelam, Project Coordinator
ProQuest Award: Customer Centric 

  • “Working with Neelam is always exciting. She balances customer centricity with team focus in a perfect way. She’s always excited and comes to every meeting with a smile. Keep up the great work!!!”
  • Neelam cares about what customers need. She’s so good at working with them!

Post-awards the celebrations continued as the team headed to Chula in Potts Point for many tacos and margaritas!

Here at ProQuest we embrace feedback and love to reward our employees for their achievements. If this sounds like something you would love to be a part of, we have a number of vacancies available right now. Head to this page to find out more –

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