We are now an Amazon Advanced Consulting Partner!

ProQuest becomes one of the first Amazon Partners globally to be designated Advanced Consulting Partner.

Following numerous successful projects over the last 18 months with leading enterprise organisations in Australia, ProQuest is further cementing its position as Australia’s leading Cloud Services Provider.

As an Amazon Partner, ProQuest provides professional services supporting all Amazon Web Services products including:

Application Hosting: Use reliable, on-demand infrastructure to power your applications, from hosted internal applications to SaaS offerings.

Backup and Storage: Store data and build dependable backup solutions using AWS’s inexpensive data storage services.

Content Delivery: Quickly and easily distribute content to end users worldwide.

Web Hosting: Satisfy your dynamic web hosting needs with AWS’s scalable infrastructure platform.

Enterprise IT: Host internal- or external-facing IT applications in AWS’s secure environment.

Databases: Take advantage of a variety of scalable database solutions, from hosted enterprise database software or non-relational database solutions.

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