Parents Beyond Breakup: Salesforce Success Story

We helped Parents Beyond Breakup (PBB) implement the technology they needed to grow nationwide. PBB is a non-profit, volunteer based organisation that recognises how damaging, traumatic and life changing a marital breakup can be for many separated parents. They hold regular peer support groups and provide resources to parents who are going through a separation. With 18 groups across Australia, they were struggling to keep track of their data and manage their manual processes.

ProQuest is a strong supporter of Parents Beyond Breakup and created a pro bono solution to support their cause. By implementing the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, they are now able to take data straight into Salesforce from their country-wide weekly meetings, and then support their mandatory requirement to send an encrypted version of the data into the Department of Social Services DEX database. Salesforce also helps them track the mental health of their clients which has made a significant impact in suicide prevention. Parents Beyond Breakup now has the technology they need to be able to scale and support more people – and the ProQuest team couldn’t be prouder to contribute to their success.

Watch this video of Parents Beyond Breakup:

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