How Do You Fill Your Inner Well?

I am a single mom of 2 kids and I work 4 days a week. Some days work is too much, some days kids are too much. On these days I need time to balance both sides of the scale. It is not easy though when I am in a constant rush and trying to get things done. It is not easy when my mind is going a 1000 miles an hour.

I recently read this question, ‘How do we fill in our inner well?’  When we are drained and have no energy left to keep going we subconsciously look for help in the outside world. Outside meaning the people around us. But, the help we need is actually inside us. It is our inner well and it is empty sometimes. We need to fill our inner well, we need to nurture ourselves so that we have enough to give to our surroundings too.

How do we fill our inner well then?

There are so many things we can do such as, going for a walk in nature, doing meditation, yoga, sipping a cup of coffee while watching and listening to the ocean. Whatever is nurturing you is filling your well. 

Recently I discovered breathwork. It is so easy and quick to do and the benefits are so powerful. Within a short time you can bring a calm, change your energy and relax the busy mind. 

I breathe to fill in my inner well. 

I recommend you all spare 15 minutes a day to fill your inner well your way, it will make a change in your life.

I'm thankful that our company ProQuest greatly believes in wellness and supports a culture of health, happiness, and growth.


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