Sales Cloud Einstein: Uncover Hidden Productivity Gains

At ProQuest, our mission is to use Salesforce technology like Sales Cloud Einstein to help solve these pain points so sales reps can do what they do best, sell. As consultants, we repeatedly see sales reps dealing with the same hurdles. One of the most common challenges they face is managing a large number of leads, and having the time to nurture those relationships. Keep reading for an example on how Sales Cloud Einstein can help sales reps.

Sales Cloud Einstein at work

Pete, a sales rep, receives about 150 emails a day and feels overwhelmed. He just doesn’t have the time and energy to do all the tasks he needs to do in order to be successful in his work. Pete knows that email is the preferred way of communicating with customers, so he is wondering if some of his manual tasks can be automated. ProQuest Consulting introduces Einstein Activity Capture* to Pete. This Sales Cloud Einstein feature allows him to save time by automatically syncing the customer communications to Salesforce through a connection with Gmail or Office 365. Einstein Activity Capture collects emails and events and associates it with the right records in Salesforce, including Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Person Accounts, and Opportunities.

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After implementing Einstein Activity Capture, Pete feels like he is back in the game. But, he realises that he still has no clue about the order of processing the leads, especially when he has so many. It would be great if there was a mechanism that could grade leads. There is! Einstein Lead Scoring uses artificial intelligence to automatically analyse historical sales data and discover the top factors that determine whether a lead is likely to convert to an opportunity. In this way a sales rep can convert more leads, faster. On top of that, Pete can use Opportunity Lead Scoring to easily sort the opportunities that are graded, based on the sales teams’ past opportunities and related information.

Pete is happy as he is saving a lot of time by less manual work and prioritised leads and opportunities. He even has time left to win more opportunities. To avoid Pete being overwhelmed again out of enthusiasm, Proquest Consulting intervenes by bringing up Einstein Opportunity Insights and Einstein Account Insights. These features provide relevant updates about opportunities, including predictions about which deals are likely to be won, reminders to follow up, and notifications when key moments in a deal take place. And when the deal has been won, Einstein Account Insights allows you to maintain a good relationship with your customers.

* Einstein Activity Capture is readily available when you are currently using one of the following:

  • Sales Cloud (Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions)
  • Sales Cloud Einstein (Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions)
  • Inbox (Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions)

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