How Einstein Enhances Field Service Lightning

Salesforce is continuing to impress in the artificial intelligence sphere and offering Einstein as part of its Field Service Lightning product portfolio now, which is designed to bridge the gap between customers, call center support and technicians in the field.


Einstein Vision harnesses the power of image recognition to build AI-powered apps and either the pre-trained image classifiers or developers can train their own image classifiers to solve image-recognition use cases.

For example, similar parts and numbers can make locating the right one a nightmare for the field technicians. With Einstein Vision, the technician will be able to take a picture and EV will be able to identify the exact product type – saving the technician and customer a lot of time!

Other examples of Einstein Vision are:

  • Visual search to filter products that best match customer preferences while browsing online and locating online sites or stores where they can purchase these products.
  • Brand detection to increase marketing reach and understand customer preferences and lifestyle through their social media images, improve products and services and as a result, drive ROI.
  • Product identification to streamline sales processes and customer service – either discover out of stock products or issues before a field technician is onsite and help reduce resolution time, and first visit resolution.



The Field Service Analytics app was created to help Service Managers better analyse FSL data and manage their teams efficiently.

Analytics automatically creates the app based on the organisation’s FSL data to provide insights that managers can action using the intuitive Analytics interface. Managers gain visibility into workforce utilisation, travel time, first visit resolution rate and can use this information to optimise technician productivity.

Performance analysis visualisations help prioritise and resolve work orders faster to improve customer satisfaction and deliver personalised customer service.

For example, a service manager at a refrigeration company can see that a lot of his technicians are taking longer to repair a particular model of refrigerator and provide additional training or shadowing for these technicians, to help improve issue resolution times.

This is a brilliant idea and initiative to provide a better onsite customer experience by applying this intelligence to Field service and to help increase productivity, efficiency, and drive revenue.

Because it’s based on Salesforce’s award winning Service Cloud platform, it integrates with your in-house service capabilities. Everything from first contact to sign-off and maintenance, every aspect of service delivery is handled on the same platform, and seamlessly integrated.

You can read more about FSL and Einstein here.

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