Bittn’s Year-on-Year Growth Increased by 20%: Optimising Field Service Efficiency

We are thrilled to have hosted a webinar centred on Salesforce Field Service and CPQ, highlighting how these tools can introduce a vast array of automations and enforce good business practices, resulting in tremendous gains in productivity and ending revenue leakage. ProQuest Consulting and Salesforce demonstrated our transformative collaboration with Bittn, a premier pest control company in Queensland. Together, we have catapulted Bittn to unprecedented levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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Bittn Webinar Highlights for Field Service:

The webinar started with an insightful introduction to why more organisations need to reassess and innovate their field service. Service leaders increasingly realise the urgency to revamp their customer service operations to better serve both their customers and employees. Intuitive customer experiences in the field or at customers’ homes have now taken precedence over price and product as the key service brand differentiators.

Our CEO Aymeric Zito shared his Top 3 Ways to Boost Field Service Efficiency. ProQuest Consulting is a summit partner and was awarded the 2021 Global Partner Award for their exceptional work. Here is a quick rundown on these tips:

  1. Reduce Costs with Smart Scheduling: Leverage the right technology and best-in-class algorithms to easily find the right technicians, at the right time, for the right job with just one click.
  2. Empower Mobile Teams: Standardise the customer experience across all technicians through guided mobile apps to provide elevated service for customers.
  3. Fix Revenue Leakage: Streamline financials across disparate systems to provide visibility and minimise errors from manual interventions.

Venice Sran, Senior Service Specialist, and Kimberley Petryshyn, Solution Engineer, from Salesforce, demoed how Bittn utilises Salesforce Field Service. The impact was immediate and profound, with Bittn witnessing tangible improvements such as:

  • Work anywhere thanks to the Salesforce platform
  • Omnichannel pushes the right case to the technician according to skillset, availability, and capacity.
  • Dashboards make visible all critical and related information from service, marketing, and finance to provide a higher level of customer service. 
  • Interactive visual support session to provide remote support to guide customers. Further, capture information for technicians for a smoother field service process.
  • Self-service channel to enable rescheduling of appointments through the customer’s channel of choice.
  • Real-time location and technician information notifications to help develop a trusted interaction with customers and technicians.

During the panel discussion, Ryan Robertson, CEO of Bittn, shares his journey and success over the past few years, thanks to a fully integrated system powered by Salesforce:

  • Smart Scheduling for Enhanced Operations: Leveraging the robust capabilities of Salesforce Field Service, this strategic approach led to improved service levels, streamlined workflows, and a notable reduction in emergency response times, reducing customer wait times and frustrations.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Bittn prioritised simplifying the customer journey and addressing pain points such as technician arrival and departure. This focus on enhancing the customer experience has translated into increased satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Immediate Improvements: The implementation of Salesforce Field Service brought about immediate enhancements in technician selection, reduced drive times, and a significant uptick in revenue.
    • 16% increase in per tech per day revenue within 3 months.
    • 22% reduction in daily technician drive time

Through their journey with ProQuest Consulting and the adoption of Salesforce Field Service, Bittn has not only optimised their operations but has also set a new standard for excellence in the pest control industry.

We are honoured that Salesforce also published a success story about Bittn and a Bittn Blog Post at the back of the work delivered by ProQuest Consulting.

To watch the webinar recording, click here:

To learn more about how your business can embark on a similar journey of transformation, contact ProQuest Consulting today!

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