Salesforce Industries: ProQuest is officially a Public Sector Solutions certified partner

As 2024 unfolds with excitement, we're delighted to announce ProQuest's official certification with the Salesforce Industries package, tailor-made for government organisations: Public Sector Solutions. Our deep-seated expertise in this domain stems from our robust track record over the past five years, notably with projects like ACT Government and Transport for NSW. Being one of the only twenty certified developers in Australia, we take immense pride in being at the forefront, introducing Salesforce's cutting-edge innovations to enhance the services for Australian citizens.

Salesforce Industries

With the acquisition of Vlocity in 2020, Salesforce was determined to provide an alternative to starting from a blank canvas with their product. The industry-focused solutions from Vlocity were rebranded as Salesforce Industries. These pre-built solutions, developed on top of the Salesforce platform, are tailored to the needs of these industries to save time and money and leverage industry best practices. They allow us to fast-track the implementation process and get our customers live with a fit-for-purpose solution even faster.

OmniStudio under the bonnet

Each of the different Salesforce Industries products have an industry-specific data model, and they share a powerful technology at their core: OmniStudio, a set of tools that simplify the creation of complex, industry-specific experiences. Salesforce point-and-click configuration is already impressive, but OmniStudio takes it to brand new levels. It allows you to create components such as complex dynamic online forms with branded style and sophisticated flows without the need to involve an Apex programmer or a web developer. OmniStudio brings additional low-code superpowers to the Salesforce platform to create sleek and engaging experiences for your customers.

Salesforce Public Sector Solutions a.k.a. PSS

Among this suite of products, PSS offers purpose-built tools to address the unique challenges and requirements of government organisations. Tap into cutting-edge technology from real-time data, AI, and automation to deliver proactive personalised experiences for citizens, enabling them to understand and access public services quickly and easily across multiple facets of government services:

  • 1. Licence and Permit Management- streamlines the entire approval and renewal of licences and permits, offering a single source of truth with a pre-built app. It simplifies the process for citizens and reviewers, aligning with government efforts to enhance operational efficiency and citizen satisfaction.
  • 2. Inspections Management- enhances transparency among stakeholders by boosting the effectiveness of inspections. By integrating data, processes, and collaboration in one portal, it streamlines code enforcement and helps local governments meet regulatory compliance efficiently. Support government field workers in managing public infrastructure, assets, and individuals more efficiently and effectively.
  • 3. Grants Management- with user-friendly templates and digital tools, simplify grants management from form creation, program awareness activities, and providing automated assistance. Accessible across various devices, it allows for monitoring progress and tracking compliance, aiding in financial accountability and public trust.
  • 4. Emergency Program Management- access automated and pre-configured workflows to help identify risks across your crisis centre all from a single intelligent console. Enable responders to mobilise services and volunteers effectively, increasing agility in management and resolution during crises.
  • 5. Benefits Management- reduce the administrative burden for caseworkers and constituents by providing access to vital public assistance programs. Utilise automation and AI-powered tools to streamline case management, search, and enrollment processes, helping agencies deliver a more efficient and improved citizen experience.
  • 6. Employee Experience- unify the entire employee journey from HR processes to IT self-service and empower public servants to succeed from anywhere. It consolidates all tools into one customisable, secure workspace, integrating seamlessly with third-party applications.

At ProQuest Consulting, we had the pleasure of implementing some of these awesome features for our customers in the public sector, such as Licence and Permit Management and Inspections Management. We’ve been thrilled to notice how quickly we could meet their requirements. Basically, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel anymore. Instead, we leverage a baseline of features that cover most of the requirements, and we tweak them to meet the exact needs of our customers.

Why does our team love PSS?

“There are two main reasons why I love working with PSS. Firstly, the out-of-the-box data model and Omnistudio tools, which enable us to develop top-notch solutions at lightspeed. Secondly, the pleasure of delivering high-performing solutions that benefit not only public sector agents but also the general public. Improving the quality of service has a direct impact on people’s lives. It is a fulfilling way I’ve found to give back to the community.”

Pryscilla, Technical Architect

What does it mean for you?

If your role is about driving innovation for a public sector organisation, ProQuest can help you harness the power of PSS and deliver outstanding results for agents and citizens. We understand that the cornerstone of success is not just the technology itself, but how well it is adopted and integrated into your daily operations. We are the partner that you need to implement it quickly and have high value delivered for your organisation. Message us today for a free consultation:


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