How to Add Yourself as a Member of a Salesforce Community if the Manage Link is Missing

If you have removed your profile from the Administration of Salesforce community and are unable to see the “Manage” link anymore (as shown below), you can add your profile back by following this process:

1. Get the profile Id that you want to add in the community. For instance, if the System Administrator profile needs to be added, then it can be collected as shown below:

2. Go to the community, right click on the URL and select inspect element.

3. Copy network id from the inspect element window.

4. Create a CSV file, with two columns:  Network Id and Parent Id. Parent Id should contain the “Profile Id” which we copied in the previous step.

5. Connect Dataloder.IO website and click Login with Salesforce.

6. Click on New Task and then select Network Member Group.

7. Upload the CSV and click Save & Run. Once this is completed, the “Manage” link will start appearing again.

Leave a comment below if you have any technical issues that you need help with. We’d be happy to help!

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