School Holidays & Working Parents

As the school holidays draw near, as a working mom, I often find myself enveloped in a familiar emotion: "guilt". It's a constant tug-of-war between fulfilling my professional responsibilities and cherishing precious moments with my children.

I often question why I feel a bit of sadness knowing that my children will be at home while I'm at work. I yearn to make the most of every moment with them, but I can't shake the worry that I won't be able to give them the undivided attention they deserve and that they'll end up simply watching TV.

Even when I try to involve them in various activities, I find myself tied to my laptop and phone, unable to fully engage with them. I worry about missing out on quality time with my children and not being present for every milestone or activity they experience.

However, amidst these feelings of guilt, I remind myself that I am silently putting in valuable lessons to my children by demonstrating the importance of hard work, ambition, and pursuing one's passions.

Working at ProQuest provides me with the flexibility to work without undermining a parent's feelings. I am truly grateful for this wonderful company, filled with supportive colleagues who help me professionally and personally.

I believe other businesses can also take additional steps to support working parents even further. For instance, providing cool vouchers or organising activities for children could be a great way to involve families, or perhaps holding a movie session where children can join, or organising family events could be considered.

While these initiatives may not directly benefit the company, they can contribute to a supportive and inclusive work environment for all employees. By supporting them, employees will willingly help your company achieve greater heights.

ProQuest Consulting has just been declared as No. 6 in Australia’s Top 10 Best Workplaces 2024 and I can attest to their unending support to anyone coming and working here.

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