Salesforce Process Automation: Process Builder vs. Trigger

For a long time process automation in Salesforce was limited to workflows, and a lot of automated actions were achieved using code in Apex triggers. Obviously you can do a lot in triggers but it also comes with challenges:

  • Need for programming knowledge
  • Need to design test classes to meet required test coverage
  • Maintenance: any updates will have to involve code change

In Winter 15’, Salesforce delivered something magical that was clearly a game changer for the entire community of Salesforce administrators: Process Builder.

Process Builder empowered admins to configure a lot more automation without a single line of code. No more favours to ask of Salesforce developers. They could finally do it themselves. Using a very user-friendly interface, through drag-and-drop and point-and-click, they were now able to test criterias and create new entries, update child records, schedule actions, change values and much more.


We’ve a compiled the characteristics and differences between Process Builder and Triggers in the world of Salesforce Process Automation in this Slideshare:

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