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We’re in a connected world. Customer expectations of service providers are higher than ever before meaning companies who cannot meet these expectations are losing customers at a rapid pace.

How many times have you considered switching your mobile service provider because you have had to wait in a phone queue for an hour to ask a simple question? Your customers feel the same way! Customer experience is exceptionally important and an easy-to-use and fast response communication channel is now a must-have for any business.

During the last few months, ProQuest has successfully helped clients effectively engage with their customers, employees and partners through intuitive and effective online portals, such as:

  • Building a customer portal for ZEN Energy to empower their government partners to view and download invoices, billing data and metre data in one place
  • Implementing a contractor portal for Clean Green Strata to enable their contractors to lodge timesheets and communicate with office admin via the mobile app; waving goodbye to the paper process

Creating a customer-first digital experience with Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud, formerly known as Community Cloud, is a digital experience platform that will help your company build connected digital experiences for your customers, partners and employees, quickly, and at scale. It allows you to combine features such as Salesforce CRM, CMS and Experience Builder with a suite of prepackaged apps. This will help you easily create and deliver personalised content, websites, portals, mobile apps and storefronts with simple clicks, or code.

The Benefits of Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud helps you to deliver a branded interaction channel with your audiences, better, faster and easier, meaning:

  • Shorter development time and speed to market 

Speed to market becomes the top priority when a business evaluates different options. Salesforce Experience Cloud offers templates and drag and drop solutions to build your own branded customer interaction site and it can be as simple as 5 steps:


The pre-built templates include most common use cases as a business:


Salesforce provides 10 prebuilt Experience Cloud site templates to fit all business needs.

And you can drag and drop components for fast build with Salesforce Experience Cloud Builder– no code needed!


Plus it’s easy to manage your site in Salesforce Experience Cloud Workspaces:

  • Real-time data-the source of truth

As Salesforce Experience Cloud is built on the Salesforce platform, you and your audiences are seeing the same data – the source of truth. This means there are no longer any discrepancies between the information that your service agents are using and the information that your customers are seeing.

Salesforce Experience Cloud allows you to interact with your customers on the data in your Salesforce Org.

  • A seamless experience for your customer

You can easily add knowledge base articles, case management and enable Live Chat in your  Salesforce Experience Cloud site, all in real time. This eliminates long waiting time in phone queues and your customers can simply look for information in knowledge articles on their own, lodge cases and chat with your service agents, all in the same place

Interact with your customers in real time with Salesforce Live Chat embedded in Experience Cloud:

  • Tons of extras in AppExchange

Don’t have time to build your own solution? Salesforce has tons of ready-to-use solutions in the AppExchange Market which means that you can deliver new functions to your customers faster and with less development cost.

Salesforce AppExchange is the fast and easy way to extend Salesforce. With thousands of solutions that install in just a few clicks, there’s something for every business challenge.


Case Studies

Case Study 1: ABC Cleaning

ABC Cleaning is a fast growing cleaning company. They have 100+ subcontractors providing cleaning services to their customers all over NSW.


  • They’re approving paper timesheets and need a solution to manage growing numbers of timesheets
  • They need to effectively manage subcontractor’s timesheets

Solution: A contractor portal for subcontractors to lodge their weekly timesheets is built. ABC’s admin team can approve or reject timesheets and communicate with subcontractors by sending chatter messages on the platform.

Case Study 2: XYZ Energy

XYZ Energy has 10,000+ customers and the service team is receiving a high volume of calls from customers to enquire about their energy bills.


  • A lot of time is spent on repetitive and non value added calls
  • Call centre costs are high

Solution: A customer portal can be built for customers to view their usages and bills, as well as an integrated payment gateway for them to pay their bills.

Case Study 3: DEF Mobile  

A mobile service provider company wants to improve their customer experience after receiving multiple complaints from customers regarding long waiting time in queues. 


  • Long waiting times 
  • Employees complaints re answering the same questions over and over again 

Solution: A customer portal with knowledge base articles and embedded Live Chat can be built. Customers can search the articles for simple questions and update their details in the portal instead of making phone calls. They can also start Live Chats with service agents if they can’t find answers they are looking for inside the portal.

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