DHL Unlocks Maximum Speed to Value with ProQuest Consulting and Salesforce

DHL achieved faster speed to value in under two months, amid the upcoming peak season, thanks to their transformative partnership with ProQuest Consulting. Within a tight timeframe, DHL managed to revamp their processes and deliver world-class service, all while exceeding market demands and reaping significant value from their collaboration.

Navigating Complexity with Innovation:

As the Christmas season approaches, delivery companies face unprecedented surges in packages, challenging their ability to ensure timely deliveries and exceptional customer experiences. DHL, aware of the crucial importance of meeting customer expectations, found themselves in a time-sensitive predicament. With limited time to effect changes, they needed a strategic partner to navigate the complex situation and enhance their processes. That’s when they turned to ProQuest.

Recognizing that innovative strategies were essential to their circumstance, DHL sought for a trusted partner that would optimise their existing processes, supplement them with cutting-edge tools, and solidify their position as a top-of-mind provider. ProQuest emerged as the perfect fit for their needs, offering the expertise and guidance required for success within a two-month timeframe.

Amplifying Value with ProQuest:

Through ProQuest’s comprehensive Health Check and Strategic Roadmap Package, DHL underwent an in-depth audit of their current environment and processes. Collaboratively, both teams identified areas for improvement by creating process flows and value stream maps, enabling DHL to enhance efficiency and maximise the return on their investments. The actionable recommendations were swiftly implemented, resulting in immediate wins just in time for the peak season.

Guided by ProQuest, DHL was able to:
  • Revolutionise the entire sales process and enhance visibility with expert guidance and support from ProQuest.
  • Unlock the potential of their business data, resolving their challenges, and unveiling critical business insights for data-driven decision-making.
  • Create a seamless customer experience with self-service capabilities that enhance satisfaction and free up valuable resources to focus on delivering exceptional service.
  • Embrace automation to lessen time-consuming administrative tasks and unleash unparalleled efficiency.

Confidence for the Peak Season:

In just a few weeks, ProQuest transformed DHL’s customer service operations. By eliminating critical gaps, increasing productivity, and securing a roadmap for optimal customer experiences, DHL was able to face the challenges of the previous peak season. With their 5-Star CSAT Rating, they confidently provide even more valuable services to their clients, supported by streamlined processes and a strengthened Salesforce solution.


ProQuest takes immense pride in being a trusted partner for businesses like DHL. If you’re seeking a partner to ignite your digital transformation journey, look no further. Together, let’s achieve your business goals and bring your visions to life using the power of Salesforce.

Download our Health Check and Strategic Roadmap Package and contact us for a free consultation on your business.

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