New Year, New Goals: Cheers to 2018!

Happy New Year everyone from ProQuest Consulting!

Resolutions may seem a bit cliché, but we’ll happily take any opportunity to try and better ourselves as a company. This week we all took to Slack to discuss our goals for the year, and we realised that much of what we wanted to achieve were in line with our ETHICs, or core values. Since this was a great exercise to reflect on 2017 and start thinking about what we want to do in 2018, we thought we’d share a few of the goals that we plan to achieve.  

2018 Goals: Excellence

“Take our customers ROI even further.”

Our agile project methodology, continuously refined over the last 6 years, is essentially designed to enforce the delivery of maximum business value in minimum time. “The art of doing twice the work in half the time,” as Dr. Jeff Sutherland would say. Even though we are very proud of how quickly we get our customers live with robust Salesforce solutions, we are not going to rest on our laurels. 2018 will be the year of even more return on investment and tracking success metrics for our customers. We will add processes and artefacts to our Agile Scrum framework, and continue releasing plenty of exciting customer success stories on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned!

2018 Goals: Teamwork

“Rollout Extreme Programming.”

We had two successful pilot projects at the end of last year, so that’s it, we are making the move. We are adding Extreme Programming (XP for the savvy) to our Agile Scrum methodology. ‘Extreme’ means our consultants work in pairs when building Salesforce solutions: 2 brains focussed on the same requirements result in the delivery of higher quality work, faster. On top of that, XP takes the collaboration between ProQuesters to the next level. Working closely together turns out to be immensely efficient in sharpening skills and discovering new ways of solving problems.

2018 Goals: Honesty

“Create an automated systematic feedback loop.”

2018 is the year of Marketing Automation for ProQuest. We are launching our Salesforce Pardot and Marketing Cloud practice soon, and internally we have begun using Pardot to better communicate with our customers and partners. One of our use cases is to automate the feedback loop throughout the project execution, ensuring total transparency on progress and inviting customer feedback to make sure we don’t miss an opportunity to improve our services.

2018 Goals: Innovation

“Become Einstein, IoT and Wave Analytics Trailblazers.”

Santa Parker Harris spoiled us last Christmas. So many awesome new features have been released on our beloved Salesforce platform. We are committed to drive innovation in 2018 and help our customers harness the power of Artificial Intelligence with Einstein, move to proactive Customer Service thanks to the Internet of Things, and explore data through Wave Analytics Cloud. We’re super excited to deep dive in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

2018 Goals: Customer Centric

“Aim for 10 out of 10.”

After every completed project, Salesforce invites our customers to fill out a satisfaction survey to evaluate our performance as a consulting and implementation partner. Our current score is 9.64 out of 10, and we are extremely proud of this number. But it’s not enough. In 2018, we will work as hard as it takes to keep on increasing this score, project after project, to make sure we exceed our customers’ expectations, even if they start getting used to the pace at which we do wonders.

Here are a few more resolutions from our staff:


As Zig Ziglar said, "a goal properly set is halfway reached." What are your resolutions for 2018? Feel free to share below!

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